Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flow- How a handful of corporations steal our water

Flow is a movie documentary about water rights.

Its subtitled How a handful of corporations steal our water. Its about resource wars and depredation when food systems are displaced by water privatization. And how the community has successfuly fought in some areas to preserve their water. There are a number of good quotes in the movie like water is a resource and resources can't be privatized! Volatile pollutants come in through our skin through the simple act of showering. Pesticide laden crops are inefficient in water of use of solubility and take 3 to 5 times more water. Birth defects increase near agricultural areas. Industrial toxins have been found in the breast milk of the Inuit. Water privatization is forced on communities by the World Bank.

The movie never came to the theaters probably because the goal is get Article 31 into the UN Charter guaranteeing water as a basic right. I remember being very shocked when I realized that pollutants can seep in though our skin during showers!  I hope Article 31 is successful.